Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye is a set of men’s handmade bracelets that includes 2 bracelets made with natural tigers eye beads and matte black agate beads. Tigers eye helps focus the mind to face difficult setbacks, while both the tigers eye and black agate provide protection, courage, strength and grounding. The bracelets also features a gold tiger head charm which represents power and the ability to overcome obstacles, the tiger head charm features clear and green cubic zirconias. Both bracelets are made with adjustable sliding knot closures.

Colour: Black, Gold and Brown
Size: Fits a wrist size range of 17cm – 23cm

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Components used in this item

Natural Tigers Eye and Matte Black Agate stone beads, gold tiger head charm with green and clear cubic zirconias, gold plated hammered tube spacer bead, 22k gold plated nugget heishi beads, 22k gold plated square round beads and adjustable sliding knots.

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