Suraksha, Hindi for Protection, security, and safety, is a set of simple stretch bracelets made with black Nazar beads which have similar protection powers of the evil eye and Hamsa hand. These bracelets are inspired by the Indian tradition of wearing black beads, which are believed to draw and absorb negative energy and Nazar. The bracelets feature a silver Hamsa Hand charm which is a powerful and enduring symbol of protection, found in cultures, beliefs, and regions throughout the world. “Hamsa” is Arabic for “five” referring to the number of fingers on a loving hand, extending blessings of faith, hope, strength, peace, and prosperity. Within the Hamsa hand is a blue sand gemstone, which can change a negative flow of energy into a positive flow of energy, allowing the wearer to reset their anger, fear, anxiety, and sadness.

Colour: Black and Silver

Size: Fits a wrist size of 17,5cm, can be stretched. If you require a smaller size please contact us or leave a note in your order with your wrist measurement

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Components used in this item

Silver Hamsa hand spacer with a blue sand gemstone, silver spacer beads with diamantes, clear and silver glass crystal beads, clear AB crystal tear drop, silver jump ring, 6mm black glass crystal beads, 4mm black glass crystal beads, and stretch jewellery cord.

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