Rangoli Hamsa Hand

The Rangoli Hamsa Hand bracelet is named after the ancient Indian art form of rangoli, in which colourful powdered rice is used to create various intricate patterns to adorn one’s home during festivities. The bracelet is made with a gold hamsa hand charm featuring black and multi-colour enamel work, which mimics a colourful rangoli pattern, and dainty cubic zirconias. The word Hamsa in Arabic means “five”, referring to the five fingers on a hand, as well as five blessings of faith, hope, peace, strength, and prosperity.

Colour: Black, gold, and multi-colour.

Size: Fits wrist size range of 14,5cm – 19cm

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Components used in this item

Gold plated hamsa hand connector with black and multi-colour enamel work and cubic zirconias, brass tube, gold metallic thread, and black thread.

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