Raabta, Urdu for “connection”, can refer to an emotional connection or relationship we share with a loved one. This romantic rosary style necklace features a beautiful cubic zirconia encrusted Hamsa Hand pendant which is a protection amulet, often used to ward off negativity and bad vibes, while blessing the wearer with happiness, good fortune, and luck. The beauty of this necklace is further enhanced by the milky sea glass Apatite gemstones which clears away negativity, enhances one’s ability to create connections with others by improving communication and personal expression, and motivates one to take action in achieving their goals and ambitions. Give this necklace to a loved one or keep it for yourself to strengthen and protect your connection with someone, or to foster new and safe connections with people.

Colour: Gold, turquoise, and white.

Length: Choker; 40cm, includes an extension chain and can be extended to 47cm.

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Components used in this item

Gold filled Hamsa hand pendant with clear cubic zirconias and turquoise and white enamel details, 14k gold filled chain, 14k gold filled jump rings, gold vermeil Apatite gemstone rosary, gold filled clasp and extension chain, zamak Barha engraved disk.

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