Shield yourself from negative energy with Protection, a handmade multi-strand bracelet made with natural Turquoise stone beads and a 22k gold plated elephant charm. In particular Turquoise is one of the oldest protection stones, known to bring strength and connection to the spirit world. While the elephant is often used as a symbol of good luck and protection, particularly in challenging times as they are known to break through obstacles, and therefore serves as a symbol of crushing any potential problems headed your way.

Colour: Turquoise, White and Gold
Size: Fits wrist size range of 16,5cm – 22cm

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Components used in this item

Natural turquoise stone beads, 22k gold plated elephant charm, gold steel Indian bells, faceted glass crystal beads, fine glass seed beads and bugle beads, 22k gold plated tube beads, 22k gold plated beads, 22k gold plated star dust beads, gold plated tube clasp, 22k gold plated jump rings and gold zamak coin pendant.

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