Pratna, Hindi for prayer symbolizes the properties of the sacred rudraksha bead which symbolizes purity and concentration, and bestows upon the wearer divine protection, as well as increased abundance and prosperity. Wearing rudraksha beads against your skin can increase concentration, providing clarity and peace of mind, making them the perfect accompaniment for prayers and meditation. Rudraksha beads can also improve memory and relieve stress and anxiety. The spiral bracelet also features a sun charm to represent the rising sun, as prayers are often performed when the sun rises. While the evil eye represents the protective powers of the rudraksha beads, as they are known to provide guidance upon journeys, creating a shield from negative energy and ill-intent.

Colour: Gold, brown and cream.

Size: One-size-fits-all.

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Components used in this item

Gold plated sun charm, gold plated evil eye charm, antique amber crystal charm, memory wire, 22k gold plated jump rings, rudraksha beads, 22k gold plated beads, natural stone beads.

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