Nisha Evil Eye

The Nisha Evil Eye necklace is named after the Hindi word for night, as this necklace closely resembles a dark night sky with hints of blue and gold sparkling stars. The necklace features a blue Evil eye charm on top of a reflective mirror disk. The Evil Eye is a powerful protection amulet whose watchful gaze can keep you safe from negativity, harm, jealousy, and the ill-intent of others by starring back at them, hence the use of the reflective mirror disk. The black crystal beads in this necklace, often called Nazar beads, have similar protection powers of the evil eye, as black beads are believed to draw and absorb negative energy. The quirky and fun use of the safety pin in this design represents protection and security, and serves as the clasp of this unique necklace.

Colour: Black, Navy Blue and Gold.

Length: 50cm.

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Components used in this item

Navy blue Evil Eye charm, reflective mirror disk, 14k gold filled chain, 14k gold filled beads, 14k gold filled jump rings, 14k gold filled safety pin pendant, bead wire, 14k gold filled wire protectors, crimp beads, black glass crystal beads, navy blue glass crystal beads, gold seed beads, gold bugle beads.

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