Neela Evil Eye Car Mirror Charm

Neela, Sanskrit for Sapphire Blue, refers to the deep blue colour of the beautiful Turkish glass Evil Eye pendant in this stunning Evil Eye car rear-view mirror charm. The Evil Eye dates back 1000’s of years, and can be found in many religions, cultures and faiths across the Mediterranean and Middle East. It is believed that the Evil Eye can keep you safe from jealousy and harm, so they are often given as gifts to bless and protect loved ones. The Evil Eye brings good luck and protects its owner from negativity and the ill-will of others by peering back at them. This car mirror charm can be hung from your rear-view mirror or from a wall or shelf hook in your home for protection and safety as you go about your day.

Colour: Blue

Size: 24cm

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Components used in this item

Gold plated magnetic clasp, bead wire, white macrame thread, small evil eye beads, large evil eye bead, glass evil eye.

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