Naushaba, Urdu for Water of life, is a set of turquoise bracelets that represents the intricate mosaics seen in Mughal gardens, often found adorning the bottom of shallow ponds, garden walls or water features. These mosaics often depicted the beauty of water, as a life force, and its connection to nature, in detailed ornate patterns, in various shades of turquoise, blues, white, red, and orange.

The bracelet features a number of ancient protection amulets and lucky charms making it the perfect protection bracelet. The Evil Eye dates back 1000’s of years, and can be found in many religions, cultures, and faiths across the Mediterranean and Middle East. It is believed that the Evil Eye can keep you safe from jealousy and harm and brings good luck and protects its owner from negativity and the ill-will of others by peering back at them. The dainty four-leaf clover is said to represent 4 wishes, the first is for hope, the second is for faith, the third is for love, and the fourth, if you can find it, is for luck. The elephant tusk charm represents the mighty elephant which is revered in India as they are believed to be the incarnation of Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles and provider of fortune and good luck. The final charm is the horseshoe which symbolizes luck and protection.

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Gold plated evil eye charms, gold plated horseshoe charm, gold plated clover charm, gold plated elephant tusk charm, gold plated jump rings, gold and red Indian tear drop charm, red glass cylinder bead, gold seed beads, seed beads, glass crystal beads, elastic cord.

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