Mayuri, Sanskrit for Peahen, a female peacock. This beautiful bracelet is inspired by the elegant and vibrant peacock, representing its metallic and jewel tones through glass beads and feather charms. The peacock is revered by many cultures for its incredible natural beauty. It also has deep symbolism, representing beauty, elegance, grace, power and divinity. The feather, in particular, has an eye in the middle that is believed to protect against the evil eye, deflecting bad energy, jealousy, anger and greed. In Hinduism and Buddhism peacock feathers are considered sacred and are used during rituals. Keeping a peacock feather in your home can also bring prosperity and good luck.

Colour: Teal, gold, bronze, blue, purple

Size: Fits a wrist size range of 14-18cm. If you require a smaller or bigger size, please leave a note in your order or contact us at with your wrist measurements.

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Components used in this item

Elastic cord, glass crystal beads in shades of metalic blue, metallic green, metallic purple, gold, bronze, greem, emerald green, teal, and blue, feather charms.

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