Kismat Car Mirror Charm

Kismat, Hindi for Fate, Destiny, Luck or Chance, is an elegant collection of good luck charms that can be hung from your car rear-view mirror or around your home for luck and prosperity. This hanging charm is made with a Green Aventurine gemstone bead which is believed to be a magnet for luck and wealth and is thought to be the luckiest of all crystals and gemstones. It is also a stone of opportunity and prosperity. The car mirror charm also has a dainty four-leaf clover charm and a quatrefoil connector which is an ornamental design often used in ancient architecture to resemble a four-leaf clover. It is said that each leaf of a four-leaf clover has its own meaning; the first is for hope, the second is for faith, the third is for love, and the fourth, if you can find it, is for luck. The final luck charm is the horseshoe which symbolizes luck and protection.

Colour: Gold, Green and White

Size: 18.5cm

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Components used in this item

Gold plated quatrefoil connector, gold-plated four-leaf clover, gold plated horse shoe charm, gold plated jump rings, gold plated head pins, gold plated magnetic clasp, bead wire, green aventurine gemstone bead, cream faceted glass crystal bead, dark green mother of pearl nugget bead, green and white silk thread tassel

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