Kajol Car Mirror Charm

Kajol, Hindi for Beautiful Eyes, is an elegant evil eye car rear-view mirror charm that features an evil eye charm which is believed to protect its owner from negativity, jealousy, and the ill-will of others by peering back at them. The Kajol car mirror charm is inspired by the Indian tradition of wearing black eye liner, also known as Kajol, to ward off Nazar or the Evil Eye by applying it around ones eyes, or as a bindi on the forehead or discretely behind the ear for added protection against negativity. While the black beads or Nazar beads in this car mirror charm are said to absorb the evil eye or Nazar, keeping you safe from bad luck. The charm can be hung from your car rear-view mirror or from a wall or shelf hook in your home for protection and safety. The Indian bell on this bag charm creates a beautiful twinkling sound effect.

Colour: Black and Gold

Size: 18cm

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Components used in this item

Gold plated evil eye charm, gold steel bells, faux pearl drop bead, gold plated jump rings, gold plated headpins, 6mm black glass crystal beads, 6mm gold glass crystal beads, black and gold silk thread tassel, large gold plated magnetic clasp, bead wire.

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