Iksha, Sanskrit for both Divine Knowledge and Sight, is a mangulsutra style necklace, that features both an Evil Eye pendant and black Nazar beads, making it the ultimate protection necklace.

The Evil Eye dates back 1000’s of years, and can be found in many religions, cultures and faiths across the Mediterranean and Middle East. It is believed that the Evil Eye can keep you safe from jealousy and harm, and brings good luck and protects its owner from negativity and the ill-will of others by peering back at them.

Black Nazar beads have similar protection powers of the evil eye and Hamsa hand and are inspired by the Indian tradition of wearing black beads, which are believed to draw and absorb negative energy and Nazar. Each black bead in this necklace is wire wrapped by hand to create this mangulsutra style necklace.

Colour: Black, Blue and Gold.

Size: Choker 40cm, can be extended to 47cm.

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Components used in this item

Gold filled chain, gold filled clasp and extension chain, black glass crystal beads, anti-tarnish wire, gold filled jump rings, gold filled evil eye disk pendant with cubic zirconias.

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