Gulab, Hindi for Rose, is a gorgeous bracelet made with wire wrapped watermelon tourmaline, rose quarts and ruby gemstones to create a delicate rosy pink and green ombre, mimicking the hues of a beautiful rose. All 3 of these gemstones are associated with the heart chakra, making this the ultimate love bracelet. The bracelet is finished off with a sparkly pink Swarovski crystal.

Watermelon tourmaline encourages compassion for oneself and others, and is a powerful balancing stone, that can balance both male and female energies in the body, as it possesses both yin and yang in one stone. It is a stone that cleanses one’s energy and removes blockages, which in turn helps relief stress and boost confidence, sympathy, and empathy, causing all insecurities and overactive emotions to melt away, creating a clear purpose, and meaning to one’s life.

The bracelet also features both Rose quarts and Ruby gemstones, which are both stones of love, compassion, and beauty. Rose quarts in particular brings peace and happiness, it opens the heart at all levels for inner harmony and respecting oneself in a positive manner, while promoting feminine energy. Ruby is known as the stone of royalty as it is believed that as long as a ruby is around, wealth will be too. It is also a protection stone that facilitates in the removal of negative energies, physical harm, or illness.

Colour: Pink, green and gold.

Size: Fits a wrist size range of 14cm – 20cm. If you require a smaller size, please contact us or leave a note in your order with your wrist measurement.

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Components used in this item

Gold filled extension chain and clasp, gold filled jump rings, anti-tarnish wire, rosy pink Swarovski crystal pendant, watermelon tourmaline, rose quarts, ruby.

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