Dragon Fly

The Dragonfly bangle is inspired by the graceful dragonfly, which has flown the earth for over 300 million years, and the beautiful lotus flower which grows through mud and slime in order to bloom. The bangle features a 22k gold plated dragonfly and lotus charms, which serve to remind us to rise above obstacles, overcome hardships and achieve the impossible. The bangle also includes Turquoise and Amethyst stone beads on a 22k gold plated open-close bangle.

Colour: Turquoise, Purple and Gold
Size: One-size-fits-all

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Components used in this item

22k gold plated open-close bangle, 22k gold plated dragonfly charm, 22k gold plated lotus disk charm, 22k gold plated dome headpins, Turquoise and Amethyst stone beads, faceted glass crystal beads, faceted glass cube bead, gold steel Indian bells, 22k gold plated heishi beads, 22k gold plated jump rings, gold plated crimp covers, gold zamak coin pendant and a silk thread tassel.

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