Cowrie Shell

The Cowrie Shell macramé bracelet pack is a set of 2 bracelets that features a gold zamak Cowrie shell. The cowrie shell has deep symbolism in many cultures since ancient times when the cowrie shell was used as a form of currency, and therefore resembles wealth and prosperity in modern times. Certain cultures also prise these shells as they believe it bears a resemblance to a half open eye, while others believe it aids in female fertility and blessings of all kinds. The bracelet pack also features gold plated sequin chain and adjustable sliding knots.

Colour: Turquoise
Size: Fits wrist size range of 16,5cm – 22cm

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Components used in this item

Zamak cowrie shell, 22k gold plated beads, 22k gold plated nugget beads, gold plated sequin chain, gold zamak coin pendant and a macramé sliding knot.

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