Enhance your zen with Calm, a handmade multi-strand bracelet made with natural Blue Lace Agate stone beads which is a gentle and calming crystal that brings tranquillity and calm to the wearer by relieving anger, tension and stress. The bracelet includes a 22k gold plated Buddha head which symbolizes the peaceful and healing teachings Of Buddha; to change ourselves in order to develop awareness, Kindness and wisdom. The bracelet also features gold plated open lotus charms which represents the ability to rise above obstacles much like the lotus which grows through mud and slime in order to bloom.

Colour: Baby Blue, White and Gold
Size: Fits wrist size range of 16,5cm – 22cm

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Components used in this item

Natural Blue lace agate stone beads, 22k gold plated Buddha head charm, gold plated open lotus charms, faceted glass crystal beads, fine glass seed beads and bugle beads, 22k gold plated tube beads, 22k gold plated beads, 22k gold plated star dust beads, gold plated tube clasp, 22k gold plated jump rings and a gold zamak coin pendant.

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