Bhagya, Sanskrit for “luck, prosperity, or happiness”, is a men’s bracelets made with sacred rudraksha beads which symbolise purity and concentration, and bestows upon the wearer divine protection, as well as increased abundance and prosperity. Wearing rudraksha beads against your skin can increase concentration, providing clarity and peace of mind. It can also improve memory and relieve stress and anxiety. The bracelet also features hematite hexagon beads which grounds and protects the wearer, while also calming the mind, providing a sense of confidence and safety.

Colour: Red, brown, gunmetal grey, and silver.

Size: Fits a wrist size range of between 14cm – 19cm.

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Components used in this item

Rudraksha beads, hematite hexagon spacer beads, rhodium hammered tube spacer, and red threads.

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