Barha, which loosely translated from Sanskrit means “Peacock feather”, is a ornate wall hanger that represents the beautiful shimmering metallic colours of the peacock feather. The peacock feather is revered by many cultures for its incredible natural beauty. It also has deep symbolism representing beauty, elegance, grace, power, and divinity. The peacock feather also has an “eye” in the middle which is believed to protect against the evil eye, deflecting bad energy, jealousy, anger, and greed. In Hinduism and Buddhism peacock feathers are considered sacred and are used during sacred rituals.

Keeping the peacock feather in your home can also bring prosperity and good luck. Hang the Barha wall hanger in your home, as a decorative piece, and to ward off negative energy.

This wall hanger is meant for decorative purposes, indoors.

Colours: Metallic green and blue, Dark green, Brown, and Gold.

Size: 29cm in length.

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Components used in this item

Brown cotton rope, green cotton thread, metallic glass seed beads, square metallic glass beads, gold glass seed beads, faceted glass metallic beads, large clear AB glass crystal bead, gold feathers, bottle green feathers, peacock feather, brass knot covers, 22k gold plated 7mm jump rings, 22k gold plated 5mm jump rings, round bangle.

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