Baagh, which is Hindi for “Tiger” gets its name from the sparkly cubic zirconia tiger head charm. The mighty tiger represents personal strength, wisdom, and courage. The tiger also serves as a reminder to be bold, and fierce in everything you do, as well as deliberate, confident, and fearless. This bracelet also includes tigers’ eye and black agate gemstone beads which are both grounding, calming and protection stones, allowing you to remain calm and balanced during turbulent and stressful times. In particular tigers’ eye can also enhance willpower, integrity, and confidence. The bracelet also features malachite gemstone beads which mirror the deep emerald green cubic zirconias eyes of the tiger head charm. Malachite is also a protection stone that can alleviate negativity, promote overall well-being, and combat anxiety and depression, through slow transformation.

Colour: Emerald Green, Brown, Black, and Gold.

Size: 18cm circumference, can be stretched. If you require and smaller or bigger size, please leave us a note in your order with your wrist measurement.

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Components used in this item

A tiger head charm with clear and emerald green cubic zirconias, 14k gold filled 6mm beads, black agate gemstone beads, tigers eye gemstone beads, and malachite gemstone beads.

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