The Aum macramé bracelet pack is a set of 2 bracelets that features an Aum charm. The Aum symbol represents the 4 stages of consciousness; the waking state (Jagrat), the dreaming state (Swapna), the deep sleep state (Sushupti) and the transcendental state (Turiya), as well as the world of illusion. Aum is also a great mantra for meditation and can bring one profound peace as it serves to open and clear the mind and brings about the expansion of ones energy. The bracelet pack also features gold plated sequin chain and adjustable sliding knots.

Colour: Peach
Size: Fits wrist size range of 16,5cm – 22cm

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Components used in this item

22k gold plated Aum connector charm, 22k gold plated beads. 22k gold plated nugget beads, gold plated sequin chain, gold zamak coin pendant and a macramé sliding knot.

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