Aarna, Sanskrit for Ocean/Wave, is a set of beachy stretch bracelets made with Amazonite, Moonstone, and seashell beads with a gold-plated cowrie shell charm. This gorgeous bracelet embodies calm, tranquil, and soothing energies of the ocean. Amazonite, known as the peacemaker stone, soothes the spirit and calms the mind. It is also an empowering gemstone that encourages self-discovery and self-love, increases one’s confidence, facilitating in honest communication. It is also associated with luck, success, and good fortune. Moonstone, which has a tangible connection to the magic of the moon, is often used as an amulet of protection during travels. It brings forth peace and tranquillity, helps calm the mind providing emotion support, promotes feminine energy, and encourages you to go with the flow and draw calm from the natural rhythm of life. Cowrie shells are seen as a symbol of wealth and are said to bring positive energies, prosperity, wealth, luck, and dispels the evil intent of others.

Colour: Blue, turquoise, white and gold.

Size: 17,5cm. Can be stretched. If you require a smaller or bigger size please contact us or leave a note in your order with your wrist size.

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Components used in this item

Gold plated cowrie shell charm, gold plated diamante connector, gold plated spacer beads, gold seed beads, seed beads, moonstone, seashell nugget beads, amazonite gemstone beads, glass crystal beads

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