A Higher Vibration

Aum or Om is everything, it is the source, it is the vibration and consciousness of the entire universe. It serves to open and clear the mind for meditation. It brings about an ascension and expansion of our energy. This dainty necklace is made with 14k gold filled chain and gold vermeil wire wrapped Ruby gemstone chain. Ruby encourages a calm mind, improves concentration and mental clarity. It also invokes feelings on courage, passion, and strength, and helps you move forward in life. Ruby is also the July birthstone.

Length: Princess length. Falls on the collarbone. Includes extension chain.

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Components used in this item

14k gold filled link chain, gold plated Aum pendant, gold vermeil wrapped Ruby gemstone chain, 14k gold plated lobster clasp, 14k gold plated jump rings and gold plated extension chain.

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