Barha Jewellery is not suitable for children under the age of 11, due to small pieces which may cause a choking hazard and gold plating which may be unsafe for young sensitive skin.

Please note that all jewellery pieces are made with gold plated, brass or zamak metals and will tarnish over time depending on the frequency of use and care taken when using items. To preserve pieces for longer we strongly advise to store the pieces separately, away from sunlight and moisture, and while wearing the pieces please avoid placing them in water.

Please note that care is taken to photograph each piece as accurately as possible, to represent the correct colour of each item, however, colours may appear different to what they are due to the type of monitor or screen the pieces are viewed from.
Pictures have been enlarged and zoomed in to show the detail and colours of each item, they are not the actual size of the items.

Certain pieces contain natural gemstones and therefore may vary in colour, cut, size and shape from piece to piece.

Barha Jewellery will not be held liable or responsible for any harm or accidental damage caused to people or property by its jewellery pieces and/or components. We trust our supplier information to be accurate and act in good faith. We do not carry out any gemological, chemical or other tests on materials provided by our suppliers.

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